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The MCOTI is a company dedicated to electronic devices and components assembly and so on to provide solutions for professional electronic adhesive suppliers. Our products and services to automotive parts, electronics, semiconductor, LED, new energy, precision machinery, communications equipment and other advanced manufacturing industry, Now, we not only can provide customers with excellent quality of adhesive, also can provide related equipment, curing glue application. In service at the same time, also cultivate a professional sales and technical services team.

Our clients include some of the world famous large enterprises and companies, we are proud to have the honor to become their qualified suppliers. Our major partners include:

American LORD, leading manufacturer and supplier of chemical and mechanical field, in the field of electronic materials has more than 40 years of experience and technical advantages, products include electronic potting materials, microelectronics materials and thermal conductive materials and thick film materials, etc.

German Panacol, belonging to the Honle group, the European famous material suppliers. Panacol - Elosol products are widely used in electronic, optical, medical, automotive, new energy and other fields.

German Honle group (Dr. Hoenle AG) is one of the leading enterprises of the global industrial UV technology. Honle research and development, design, manufacturing and sales all kinds of industrial application of ultraviolet curing lights and curing equipment, and UV curable adhesive. According to the customer's special requirements and customize is one of Honle biggest advantage

German Alfatec - Kerafol company provided KERATHERM ® thermal conductive materials and provides a series of high efficiency, simple solution of thermal conductivity. KERATHERM ® series products have thermal conductivity and insulation performance, filled with ceramic or other thermal conductive materials.

RAMPF Resin Application Technology Co., LTD is a German RAMPF group in China engaged in polyurethane potting, bonding, a wholly owned subsidiary of packaging applications, is a custom with the innovation of polyurethane sealing glue, silicone system suppliers, including a two-component mixed technology. RAMPF polyurethane (inverter) in the solar industry, power industry, automotive electronics, LED lighting industry, capacitance, TMPS, etc have many applications.

Japan Daikin industries Co., LTD, is a company active in air conditioning, fluorine chemistry and other multinational companies, in the field of the fluorine chemical products, in industry and transportation, electronic communications, energy, electric power, life science and technology and other fields have a wide range of USES.

Japan Panasonic, involved in a wide range of industrial manufacturing, in the electronic industry also has a mature product series, glue success for semiconductor packaging, at the bottom of the module assembly, filling and application field.

Our main products include potting glue, UV glue, conductive adhesive and heat conduction glue, glue materials including epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane and silicone resin, etc. Related products comply with RoHS, such as low halogen, UL certification.

We will cooperate with international famous brand, excellent products and creatively combined with our own unique technology, providing customers with the most appropriate solution. The MCOTI adhere to the principle of the supremacy of customers, customer demand is our motivation. We not only provide high quality products, at the same time, in the product selection, application, etc to provide professional consulting and services. We are committed to creating value for customers, and strive to become your reliable partner.

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