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Main products:Electronics adhesive, waterproof coating, Potting material, UV adhesive, Thermal conductive, Electric conductive material, Structural adhesive, Electronic liquid fluoride, UV curing equipment, Precise solder paste Jetting Dispenser
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The MCOTI is a company dedicated to electronic devices and components assembly and so on to provide solutions for professional electronic adhesive suppliers. Our products and services to.... View more>>
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Our products and services to automotive parts, electronics, semiconductor, LED, new energy, precision machinery, communications equipment and other advanced manufacturing industry, now, we not only can provide customers with high quality adhesives,  but also can provide relevant equipment, curing glue application......View more>>
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Address:(Behind Juntongdajiudianbei)210,Block A,Jinyuan Business Building,No.300,Xixiang Boulevard,Bao'an District,Shenzhen Post code: 518010
Tel: 86-755-29769485 Fax: 86-755-22630139  Contacts: Mr Wang Email: sales@mcoti.com
Key words: electronic adhesive, potting, encapsulation, bonding, sealing, UV adhesive, glue, thermal conductive, electronic conductive, structural adhesive, fluoride, coating, electrical fluoride liquide, mold release, release agent, underfill, conformal coating