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MCOTI Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a professional electronic adhesive supplier and dedicated to providing solutions for electronic devices and component assembly. Our products are used in advanced manufacturing industries such as automotive, electronics, semiconductors, new energy, precision machinery, communication equipment, etc. Now, we can not only provide high quality adhesives for our customers, but also provide application, process and curing equipment for supporting the total solution. Along with the service, we have also cultivated a professional sales and technical team.

Product series

MCOTI is curious and passionate expert with deep market and application knowledge. We offer our customers an extensive product line to meet diverse product needs, such as conductive adhesive, thermally conductive adhesive, potting, coatings, sealant, underfill, structural bonding, global top, reinforcing adhesives, waterproofing adhesives, etc. with multiple curing methods, heat curing, moisture curing, UV curing. And we support professional equipment, dispensing machines, curing equipment. As the most advanced material supplier, we develop professional metal materials in the field of additive manufacturing - pure copper powder, which opens a door for copper powder in 3D printing applications.
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Dispensing Equipment
Provide every customer with material and process solutions that make up for design defects and enhance product reliability
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Structural adhesive

Potting Adhesives

Glob Top


Peelable adhesive


Edge bond

Our products are used in a wide range of applications and we are committed to providing competitive, environmentally friendly and high-performance products to our global customers in consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductor, renewable energy, medical devices, and general industry.

Underfill is used to buffer stress of solder joints in flip-chip and maintain mechanical stability. This is especially important when soldering ball grid array (BGA) chips. To reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), the adhesive is filled with nano-fillers.

BOA-free, suitable flowability, durability, and strong and long-lasting bonding under harsh conditions.

The main reasons for using potting adhesives over other types of sealants are to provide moisture isolation to prevent short circuits, to provide greater chemical protection in complex components, and to provide resistance to mechanical shock and vibration in challenging environmental.

Encapsulants and sealants are commonly used in electronics as so-called glob top to protect electronic components. The components are protected from moisture, dust, dirt and solvents. Glob top also protects sensitive components from mechanical strain and scratches.

It serves as a temporary protection during the process, and the adhesive can be peeled off at a later stage. It can accept high temperature 4hr@80oC and it is easy to peel off with almost no residue.
It is mainly used to solve the chip bottom fixing of mobile electronic products, with good thixotropy, easy to repair, fast curing, excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, etc., and protect for CSP, BGA, uBGA after assembly.
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